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The authors of this blog come from the region of Sardinia, or Sardegna, as we say, one of the two biggest Italian islands (the other being Sicily). Sardegna is widely famous for its unrivalled white sand beaches, its enchanting eco –treasures and outstanding secluded coves to be explored. Being distant from the rest of Italy, Sardegna’s history has been quite different from the rest of the bel paese’s and has built unique traditions and cultural habbits, an own language and a flag as well as an exquisite cuisine. Given our passion to travel, we will share with you Sardinian, Italian an worldwide recipes through the virtual pages of this diary. Because food fill Italians’minds intrusively and continually. It is not just a question of mixing ingredients and see if it tastes good. For many people in Italy, cooking is a family affair: it means spending time together, modifying mums’ recipes and consulting grandmothers and anties about their cooking secrets.


Quello che mi affascina di più del Web 2.0 è il potere della condivisione. Ci avete pensato a quanto poco la parola “condividere” facesse parte del nostro vocabolario, prima dell’avvento di Facebook? La maggior parte delle persone nella vita reale non … Continua a leggere

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